The history of the Silesian Philharmonic, based in Katowice began in 1945. It was then, that the first activity of the institution of this magnitude and type in Upper Silesia was inaugurated. The first concert of the symphonic orchestra conducted by Faustyn Kulczycki and Jan Niwiński took place on 26 May 1945. The orchestra was composed of a few dozen of Polish musicians who survived the war. Since 2011, the patron of the Philharmonic has been Henryk Mikołaj Górecki. The present, seventy artistic season 2014/2015 is a very special to the Philharmonic. First of all, of course, due to the round anniversary, but also because of the fact, that it is the first anniversary wholly held in the renovated premises, that combines modern, exclusive design with nobility of music and cultural activities. The mission of the Silesian Philharmonic is a multi-faceted promotion and dissemination of musical high culture. Commonly, classical music is synonymous with the concept of luxury, and events related to it have exclusive status. The activities of the Silesian Philharmonic, however, are to raise the level of aesthetics, the refinement of musical consciousness and the tastes of universal recipient. That's why the Silesian Philharmonic program is so diverse and rich, speaking a unique and universal musical language. In the offer of the Philharmonic are both permanent musical projects and concert series, as well as proposals from the new repertoire. The program consists of symphonic music, as well as chamber, choirs and organ music. Currently, there are three teams in the Philharmonic, whose repertoire includes almost all musical eras. This ensures, that every music lover will find something for himself. The Silesian Philharmonic also supports young talents. The institution is an organiser of a series of educational programs, as well as many competitions and festivals, including, amongst others, the prestigious Grzegorz Fitelberg International Competition for Conductors. Every season in the Philharmonic means almost two hundred national and international concerts with the contribution of the Silesian philharmonics, as well as nearly a thousand music programs ment for the younger generation. Silesian Philharmonic, right after the Warsaw Philharmonic, is also the largest and most respected record publications producer. LuksusPortal is a partner of the Philharmonic.
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