POLO- game played on horseback in a grassy field by two teams of four. All players are using long stics called mallets. They are trying to put the white ball, which has got the size of an orange, in a wooden gate of the opponent. The Warsaw Polo Club (WPC) in The Jaroszowa Wola is the organizer of the international polo tournaments. The owners of the club are Pauline and Thomas Tokarczyk, and the club has existed since 2007. From the beginning, The Warsaw Polo Club organized many prestigious competitions of international importance- The Central European Championships of 2010 and 2011 awarded by the Federation of International Polo (FIP), The Polish Club Championship, the Copa Brasil, The Warsaw Polo Cup and the The Ladies Polo Cup- Poland's first international women's tournament. The club is also suitable for competitions in the snow thanks to his own winter arena. The Warsaw Polo Club is a place where anyone can start their adventure with polo. The club makes it possible to watch competitions, but also to learn how to play polo. Polo is something more than just a sport. This is some kind of passion of active recreation, competition and contacts with flora and fauna. From the beginning, The Warsaw Polo Club has been specialized in organizing prestigious competitions. It is described as a perfect space for people who love this game and for people who wants to learn how to play polo. We provide professional help and valuable advice to encourage people to practice this sport. Watching tournaments and learning to play polo is our most interesting proposals which are available in summer and winter. The Warsaw Polo Club is your perfect choice if you are looking for a good place to relax. It's located in The Chojnów Landscape Park- very beautiful and peaceful place. Also, a great idea is to organize a weekend with polo- all guests can take advantage of a specially prepared rooms. The Warsaw Polo Club is a luxurious place always ready to organize world- class tournaments. In our offer you will find the possibility of organizing various events or business meetings. We are sure that you will meet here wonderful scenery and unforgettable experiences.
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