Cracow Fashion Week is one of the most important, very welcome, Polish fashion events with international coverage. As every year, will be held in Krakow, and this is already VI edition of this extraordinary fashion week, which runs from 21st to 29th of March. During the upcoming Cracow Fashion Week it will be opportunity to see a number of openings and exhibitions, fashion shows of the latest collections, presentations, lectures and seminars, and numerous fashion, photography and design contests. The aim of this prestigious event is primarily a fashion show in relation to the accompanying art and culture and promotion of young, starting their career designers and photographers. This year, Cracow Fashion Week is honored by the presence of extraordinary personalities, including well-known fashion designers: Jerzy Antkowiak, Wojciech Bednarz (Vistula), Joanna Błażejowska-Pecorari (ASKA, Paris), IMA MAD, Anna Jatczak, Bianca Lami (Koefia Fashion Academy, Rome) and Marcin Dabrowski (star stylist and Mr Dynamo blogger), Hanna Gajos (Fashionwear, Fashion Square), lIona Kanclerz (Modny Sląsk), Ewa Kowalewska-Kondrat (fashion critic and author of the Harel blog), Ola Kazmierczak (Fashion PRGirl ), Tobias Kujawa (fashion critic and author of the Freestyle Voguing blog) and many, many others. Cracow Fashion Week will be held in the most important and unique places in the city, in the newly opened ICE Krakow Congress Centre, the Museum of Urban Engineering and the National Museum in Cracow, Cracow School of Art, the Museum of Archaeology, JCC Krakow, Cinema Under the Rams, Blue Art Hotel & SPA, Hotel Novotel Centre, Novotel West, Spaces Forum, Forum Mods and Baroque Restaurant & Cocktail Bar. The hottest event of the upcoming season will certainly promote the city as a place closely associated with art and tradition, but also fashion. Also it will allow to create a unique platform for the establishment of dialogue and international cooperation.
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