Luxury jewellry name Apart is the undisputed leader of the Polish jewellery market, which gives rhythm and designats the new trends in the perception of beauty. Worshipped beautiful things created with commitment and affection gave the founders of the company (Rączyński Brothers) worldwide fame. When we chooe necklace, engagement ring or even earrings (Apart offers thousands of these beautiful jewels), we recognize the Apart brand. The company is recognizable in the media. It is represented (at jewelers) in every bigger city, actively promote with products, and above all, jewellry Apart is awarded at many prestigious competitions and constantly raises its rank. Apart is not only great range of wonderful necklaces, rings and earrings, but the company also offers watches. Amazing designs, great bracelets and classic clock faces make the Apart watches be among the products of this brand no less popular as even rings (Apart has hundreds of unique patterns apart from rings). The most well-known and respected brand of jewellery in Poland, is also a very dynamically developing company. It employs about two thousand people. The development of the brand proves its strength and the fact that it is a Polish company.
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