The clothes that don’t gonna be hot: Marc Jacobs’ Spring – Summer 2015 Collection

30.06.2015 There is no doubt: Marc Jacobs is the most influential person in the Fashion World. He is a true ambassador of style and an icon of design. His goal was obvious from the very beginning. He always wanted to be an unique designer, and his dreams came true. He became a true fashion designer.

Marc Jacobs is a visionary, however he doesn’t like to be called a genius. He knows where to fish for inspiration and how to combine and interpret old canvas and bygone patterns. Clue, what he called his Spring – Summer 2015 Collection, is a collage of military style, simple shapes and bright colours. Jacobs underlines the simplicity of loose pantlegs, cowl necks, smartly-cut refeers, shirts and dark skirts. Clue is a combination of green and navy blue with brave details: cyclamen pockets, violet flowers and asymmetric zip fasteners. Jacobs puts this unconventional pockets on skirts and shirts. The greatest innovation is bag-shaped patch pocket that contrasts with simple dark skirt. The most memorable accent is a contrast between grey skirt or pants with orange and cyclamen rectangles. The composition of modest shapes with heavy belts and large buttons, and embroideries is very tempting.

Clue is a challenge for women. Are they brave enough to play with gender and style? Modest military clothes are not women’ first choice. Jacob’s clothes cover sexuality and individualism, and underline standardization. There not created to single out a sexual personality.

The idea of fashion shows needs to be redefined, and the Clue Show is a new dimension of Fashion. The inspiration for Clue was Crace Slick, who wore uniforms. She protested against Vietnam War. Jacobs underlines the place of uniforms in the American Fashion and illustrates a game with this symbol. His performance is an attempt to answer to the next Obama’s military mission against ISIS.

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